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Who We Are & What We Do

Alfred & Lisa Mesa

Alfred & Lisa Mesa, Owners

Alfred & Lisa, a husband and wife team, with a combined experience of over 60 years in the Food & Beverage industry. From restaurants and nightclubs to arenas and universities.  We have worked our way through just about every position in the hospitality industry and honestly loved just about every moment of the journey.

We began visiting the Santa Ynez Valley in 2006 and it was love at first sight.  The beauty of this valley and it's people can't be compaired to anywhere else (at least in our minds!).  We set our sights on retiring here one day and began visiting once a month for over 5 years.

In 2011 while our careers stayed the same, our jobs were changing.  More paperwork, less customer interaction, more desk, less creativity as up, up, up the ladder we climbed.  We had lost our inspiration, our creativity and passion.  We decided we needed a change and soon so we packed our bags and headed to where we felt most at home, the Santa Ynez Valley and we began making a plan to live "The Good Life" before we retire.

That plan became a reality one year later on September 12, 2012 when we opened this beautiful space.  We have continued to not only live The Good Life but to share it with everyone who visits us and we hope to do so for a very long time to come. 

Alfred & Lisa

We love this area and want to share it with you, so you can see why, we are...The Good Life.

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