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Game Day

Game Day

By Lisa Mesa on Feb 03, 2021 in The Good Life
Game Day

Ah, game day.  You've got the 70" screen with surround sound, your favorite team jersey, and your snack buffet is EPIC but that cooler filled with ice and mystery beverages belongs in the locker room.  Read on and let's up your beverage game.

Skybox or nose bleed seats, game day snacks are the same guilty pleasure.  They are salty, cheesy, greasy little dreams and we all have our favorites so let's partner them up with a beverage worthy of their iconic status:

Nachos - Layers of cheesy, crispy, spicy goodness!  There's a lot going on here (including lots of healthy veggies!) but the level of spicey fire is all you!  You want something to cut the heat and the fat while clearing the palate for the next crunch!

  • Beer - Blue Star Wheat; Island Brewing "Hopliner" IPA (choose hoppy if you want to increase the spiciness!)
  • Wine - 2019 Habit Sauvignon Blanc; 2019 Loubud Brute Rose Sparkling (NEW Vintage, now this is seriously taking your game to the next level!)

Hot Wings - Spicy, buttery and sometimes smoky.  Look to hoppiness if you want to elevate the spice but if you want a nice partner look for a beverage that is dry, crisp and finds balance in the buttery, spicy flavors

  • Beer - Oakland United "New Oakland Glow" Pilsner; New World Ales "Hop Heros" DIPA (if you want to increase the heat)
  • Wine - Seagrape Gewurztraminer (aromatics, low acid and higher alcohol adds some sweetness to the spice!)

Jalapeno Poppers - Spicy, creamy and vegetative poppers can be tough if you over think them. Now, again you can go hoppy/citrusy here but how about we try something a bit different.   A malt forward, slightly earthy beer brings out the cheesy AND the spicy

  • Beer - M. Special "Dozer Special" Brown; Island Brewing Tropical IPA
  • Wine - Seagrape 2019 SRH Pinot Gris (hits all the buttons - crispy, dry, mild acid and herbascious)

Pizza - Your topping combinations are really endless but we've picked a few of our favorites.

Classic Cheese

  • Beer - Smog City "To LA Wit Love" White Ale (notes of orange peal and corriander)
  • Wine - 2015 Brophy Clark GSM Rhone Blend (your focusing on the tomatoe sauce with it's acidity and herbs)


  • Beer - Hopdogma Hazy IPA (stick with a hazy, juicy style to bring out the spice)
  • Wine - Le Vigne 2018 Sangiovese (the perfect match for the spicy flavors of the pepperoni)


  • Beer - Oakland United "New Oakland Glow" Pilsner (simple, clean flavors that pair perfect with this fresh pie!)
  • Wine - Rocket's Red 2018 EV Grenache (with the light and fresh flavors you want a Grenache that is on the lighter side)

Sub Sandwich - So many layers, so many flavor combinations but we're thinking straight up Italian!

  • Beer - Boomtown "Zapatos de Baile" Mexican style Lager (crisp and bright to clear you palate and keep it light)
  • Wine - 2017 J. Dirt Slide Hill Rhone red blend (perfect balance of grenache and syrah elevating the flavors of the sub)

Buttery Popcorn - You can load up on the butter as these pairings are crisp and refreshing to lighten up and clean your palate as well as adding flavor.

  • Beer - Mission Blonde Ale; Smog City "To LA Wit Love"
  • Wine - Seagrape 2017 SRH Chardonnay (look for a chard that is oaky and crisp and you've found a match made in heaven!)

Boom! You are the MVP of Game Day snacking and drinking!  In all seriousness, beverages are foods partner, they are not something we grab to just "wash it down" they should work together and each shine in their own light!  Stop in and stock up now so you can sit back enjoy the big game and take in the applause!

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