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Cinco de Mayo Celebration

By Lisa Mesa on May 01, 2024 in Holiday's
Cinco de Mayo Celebration

When thinking about a great Cinco de Mayo celebration our minds immediatly go to Mexican food, Mariachi music and of course Tequila but Tequila isnt the only beverage that pairs with a great Cinco de Mayo celebration.  So, if your planning a gathering of friends and family this Cinco de Mayo or any night that your enjoying great Mexican food, read on for our recommendations on expanding your beverage menu:

I love Mexican food.  Honestly, I think I could eat it every night.  Mexican food is so fresh, colorful and filled with vibrant flavors.  When done well, it's also surprisingly healthy.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love a great Margarita as much as the next person but there are beer and wines that I much prefer when looking for flavors to pair with Mexican food.

Pilsner, Lager and Wheat Beer

These three styles really dominate when it comes to enjoying a glass with Mexican dishes that are light and fresh with hints of lime and cilantro.  You want your beer to be light and fresh as well as not to overpower the flavors of your favorite fish tacos.  When it comes to spicy foods you want to look to beers that have lower IBU's , light carbonation and lower alcohol.  All of these things intensify heat in spicy foods so look for beers that are lower.  

Mexican Style Lager - What truely sets them apart from other styles of Lager is the addition of maize, traditionally, flaked.  Maize adds a subtle crispness, lower bitterness and it boosts clarity in the glass.  Look for quality ingredients and not corn or corn syrup.  

Original Pattern "Maize Runner" American Lager.  Brewed with an American malt grain bill and flaked corn which brings a crisp sweetness to the palate.  $11 ea or $28 per 4pk

Malibu Brewing "Hatch" Green Chile Lager.  Hatch is a Mexican style lager infused with Hatch green chiles.  Warm heat without being overly spicy!  $11 ea or $28 per 4pk

Mraz Brewing "White Noise" Belgian style Wit A Belgian style Wit with notes of bright citrus, stone fruit and subtle spice.  $11 ea or $28 per 4pk

Herbaceous Whites, Dry Rose and Sparkling and Spicy Reds

As with any food pairing, treating your wine as an ingredient helps to match and compliment dishes.

NEW RELEASE!  Seagrape 2023 Sauvignon Blanc, LOD Dry zippy and so refreshing.  This is the 2nd release of what has become a permanent fixture in the Seagrape line up. This wine pairs great with chips and guacamole and cuts through the cheesy goodness of a classic Quesadilla. With only 52 cases produced and at this price, you should stock up for summer sipping $32 ea

Kimsey 2022 Estate Rose of Grenache, BC.  This vintage is perfectly balanced with notes of pink grapefruit and watermelon rind with a hint of Chamomile flowers.  Mouthwatering, refreshing and perfectly paird with Empanadas or Chile Rellenos  $35 ea

Loubud 2022 Sparkling Brut Rose, SBC  Aromas of rose petals and a beautiful raspberry, apple skin and brioche palate.  This is a favorit with pork Carnitas $68 ea

Felten 2016 Zinfandel, PR is my go to for Fajita's.  Smoky and complex with juicy ripe plum flavors and a hint of spice. $36 ea

Piazza 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon, HC.  If you are looking for a partner for BBQ meats and carne asada, look no further.  This first vintage from Gretchen Volker has aromatics of cigar box, black cherry and anise.  Complex dark fruit blend into velvety tannins. $81 ea

Loubud 2018 Blanc de Noirs Sparkling.  Now hear me out, this one is a bit of a stunner I know but if you are enjoying a great Mole sauce a sparkling wine brings out the toasty, nutty flavors of the Mole while the bubbles and freshness really refreshes your palate $72 ea

Don't worry if you can't wait for May 5th to try any or all of the pairings we've suggested.  Try them any and every time that you enjoy great Mexican cuisine and if you still follow up with a Margarita, no one's judging!


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